Update 6th December 2015
I would like to notify all DC:Barbarossa owners that they can download and install the DC:Community Project BETA

Please register/login to this site and then go Community Project Download Page to get the installer.

Please visit the Community Project wiki for documentation.

Best wishes,
Update 22nd January 2015
Because of the release on Steam of Decisive Campaigns : Warsaw to Paris today I would like to remind all DC1 players of the following downloads and great modded additions:

1. A more historical Flags and symbol mod by 'philippe at bay'.

2. Case Green, the invasion of Czechoslovakia by 'ernieschwitz'.

3. Case Braun, the invasion of Swiss by 'ernieschwitz'.

Best wishes,
Update 15th August 2014
Because of the release on Steam of ATG august 16th I would like to present below 3 recent top mods for quick downloading:

1. For having a better wargame experience download the NATO mod by Roy (Webizen).

2. For having a more challenging game against the AI download the Enhanced Mod by Cameron Harris (plugger).

3. For having a more historical unit experience with your random games try out the Bombur mod by nobody else than Bombur.

Furthermore... Remember it is a good idea to read the manual but it is even a better idea to read the strategy guide as well!.

Best wishes,
This website supports the Decisive Campaigns games (DC:WTP,DC:CB,DC:BARB and DC:ComProj) and the Advanced Tactics games (AT and ATG). The core task of this website is to host the scenariobank. If you are a registered player you can upload and download scenarios to the scenariobank.

It is very much appreciated if you take the time to review the scenarios you try out. After all... this is a community website and it will work best if you take the time to participate!

Please review or tag the scenarios you have played and say hello or discuss on the Matrix forums.

Best regards,
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