Update 12th July 2012
The scenariobank now supports Decisive Campaigns scenarios as well. This support of different games might be slightly confusing to existing users. So make sure to check the engine of a scenario (either: AT, ATG, DC:WTP or DC:CB) and if you own this game.

This website supports the Decisive Campaigns games (DC:WTP and DC:CB) and the Advanced Tactics games (AT and ATG). The core task of this website is to host the scenariobank. If you are a registered player you can upload and download scenarios to the scenariobank.

It is very much appreciated if you take the time to review the scenarios you try out. After all... this is a community website and it will work best if you take the time to participate!

Please review or tag the scenarios you have played and say hello or discuss on the Matrix forums.

Best regards,
Victor Reijkersz Designs

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Small General

SG : Eastern Front
(Android Game)

Small General
(Android Game)
Decisive Campaigns Series
Advanced Tactics Gold
People's Tactics
Is an older game from 2004 developed by Victor Reijkersz. It is the predecessor of Advanced Tactics. And unlike Advanced Tactics its freeware! If you want to play you can download it here: